This process can be repeated with each club.  If the optimal distances are not met there is a problem with the swing or the specifications of the club.  The player, coach and fitter can identify which parameters need adjustment to achieve the desired distance and trajectory.

Once the optimal parameters are obtained the player can then develop a feel for the distance, direction and trajectory.  This is where repetition and practice helps players bring Trackman to the course to hit better approach shots.

Trackman optimizer

The Trackman Optimizer takes clubfitting, swing assessment and practice to a new level.  It is now possible to optimize every club in your bag.  And every shot you want to hit. Trackman is already a great tool to work on direction using attack angle, face angle and clubpath.  Trackman can now optimize distance and trajectory like never before. 

Here's how it works.  For a given swing speed with any club the ball travels a certain distance with the best parameters.  Trackman allows you to pick a trajectory and then dial in the parameters to that distance and trajectory.  Here is an example with a driver.