Why use Trackman?

Here's why.  Trackman instruction is simply the best way to learn to swing and improve your golf game.

According to the latest research the best golfers are those who hit the best approach shots outside of 100 yards.  Trackman and professional instruction combined will greatly help develop a consistent, repeatable iron game.  By using Trackman you will quickly understand the new, correct ball flight laws.  You will know why a shot goes where it does. Not because your elbow was out of position but rather because your swing produced a certain attack angle, face angle and clubpath.  Trackman players are able to feel the swing they need to make to achieve the parameters they desire.  If a draw is wanted they will feel the swing that makes the numbers then ingrain that feel and repeat it.  It is a much more efficient and precise method of learning and practice compared to "digging it out of the dirt" by hitting bucket after bucket of balls.  Many have excelled like that in the past but increasing numbers of pros, college golfers as well as juniors are utilizing Trackman to practice and improve, often in much less time.  Combining Trackman with high level, professional, classic instruction is the modern path to improvement.

Trackman research has shown that the average male amateur can increase driving distance by 30 yards with no increase in clubhead speed.  This is obtained by achieving a positive attack angle and then getting custom fit to optimized parameters.  Launch angle and spin rate assessment, which can be obtained at most retail outlets, is an ineffective method of driver fitting.  Only when a positive attack angle can be reliably produced can optimal custom driver fitting be done.  And increased distance will follow.

Trackman is changing golf. But don't take our word for it.  Check out the video by Jason Duffner.  There is no mystery why he hit the middle of every fairway to win the PGA. Ask Tiger Woods who called Trackman "nearly transformational".  Ask Justin Rose, one of the best ball strikers in the game who used Trackman to prepare for his US Open win.  Or Henrik Stenson, Jordan Spieth, or any of the 100 PGA pros who use Trackman.  This technology is now available at our convenient location in Culver City and we look forward to helping you with your game.